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OnePlus DR-1 drone was an April fools prank but you can still buy it


A week or so back I wrote about a prospective drone from OnePlus, which was apparently going to be known as the OnePlus DR-1 (read: OnePlus Drone). It turns out, the marketing and the product itself is a part of an April fools’ prank.

OnePlus actually played a triple bluff with the OnePlus DR-1 drone. What should matter to you though, is that the nano quadcopter drone can be bought for $20 if you’re lucky. If you’re lucky. Now, that is a term that I’ve known goes well with a lot of OnePlus products! Anyway, here’s how the company played not a bluff, not a double bluff, but a triple bluff on us.

Bluff #1: it was an April Fools’ joke

As it turned out, OnePlus ended their slide about the drone with a ‘Happy April Fools’ Day’ thing. Now, it was pretty clear that the OnePlus DR-1 drone was a made up fable and something you won’t ever be able to purchase. But then, there was more!

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The OnePlus DR-1 nano drone 

Bluff #2: it’s no prank, the OnePlus DR-1 drone does exist

After announcing that the DR-1 drone was an April Fools’ prank, OnePlus nonchalantly also let word out that the DR-1 drone wasn’t just a part of a prank, but that you could actually purchase the DR-1 drone from their official webstore for $20 (plus shipping).

Bluff #3: it’s STILL a prank

Although OnePlus products are generally hard to get hold of, this one here was certainly going to be on a wish lists of many. As it stands, despite the company claiming that OnePlus drone wasn’t just a prank, it is still going to be super hard to get; not just because it is a OnePlus product, but because it will be produced in very limited quantities (which makes me believe they’re producing them only for the sake of their argument).

Oh, and if you’re wondering, the OnePlus DR-1 drone is most likely a rebranded Cheerson CX-10 with a slightly different canopy. Although the OnePlus DR-1 does look like a fair deal at $20, the original Cheerson CX-10 can be had for much lesser — around $15 shipped.

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So, that’s how OnePlus managed to not only prank you, but also make you feel good about the prank. And while at it, the company also got a lot of media footage; that’s exactly how they’ve been marketing their products since back in April 2014!