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[Promo] Gear up for 11.11 sales!

Syma X5HW best camera drones under $50
Syma X5HW best camera drones under $50

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Holiday season is around the corner, and stores are already gearing up for the massive demand they foresee. Buyers, on the other hand, are starting to stock up on gifts for others and themselves in order to skip the queue later on.

We’ve been sent a few deals from GearBest, who are having a couple of sales going on at their shopping store. One’s about the 11.11 aka ‘Singles’ Day’ sale, while the other is what they choose to call ‘Gift Rain’.


 E P I C Camera Drones  on sale! (limited time)

Items on sale include:

As for the ‘Gift Rain’ promo, it’ll give you coupons you can redeem against items you wish to purchase. More info about the activity can be found here.

11.11 or ‘Singles’ Day’ is quite a huge e-commerce shopping bonanza in China, given birth to by the influential Jack Ma (of AliBaba). Singles’ Day is essentially the opposite of Valentine’s Day, i.e., a day dedicated to singles.

China is ruling the consumer market world, and the effects thereof are starting to be apparent. We’re here mostly for the deals, though…