After conquering mini quadcopters, manufacturers are now moving to other things such as making hexacopters (of all sizes) and manufacturing FPV drones.

WLtoys recently announced the Q272 hexacopter, and has already listed the new Q282G FPV hexacopter which comes with 5.8GHz transmission. If I’m not wrong, the Q282G now becomes the world’d first micro hexacopter drone to have 5.8GHz FPV transmission abilities!

What’s more is that the WLtoys Q282G comes with a transmitter that has a monitor on-board, which means that you don’t have to spend extra cash to get an FPV monitor.

The aircraft itself looks like the Q272 a lot, but the difference is in the FPV machinery. This means that the Q282G isn’t nearly as cheap as the Q272 (read more about the Q272 here), but still a decently priced FPV hexacopter at $99.

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WLtoys Q282G 2

It is only listed as a pre-sale product for now, but I’m assuming it won’t take WLtoys to get the production sorted so it is available to buy.

Hubsan’s X4 H107D FPV quadcopter is probably the only one which has made it big in the micro quad FPV section, and the WLtoys Q282G should give it some competition!