Every once in a while we stumble upon some really good RC airplanes making the news. Most of the RC airplane community have gained enough experience over time to prefer the DIY way of building them and hence it becomes a nightmare for beginners to get into the hobby without proper know-how. Well, that’s what are RTF kits are for and the XK A1200 EPO RC Airplane should be a great fit for beginners and intermediate folks who prefer wings over blades.

XK A1200

The XK A1200 is a $130 plane that has a single 3-blade propeller above the wing driven by a brushless motor. The aircraft is made out of EPO foam, making it extremely lightweight (and hence prone to damages on impact as well). The airplane does not come with its own camera, however certainly it has the capability to carry a small payload equivalent to a tiny camera.

Those interested in FPV could consider getting something like the FX797T (25mW) or the new Eachine TX02 (200mW).

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XK A1200

The airplane has both 3D and 6G flight modes and users can easily switch between depending on their airplane flying skills. 3D mode lets users perform stunts and inverted flights on the airplane and is balanced by a 3 axis gyro system. 6G mode on the other hand is controlled by a 6 axis gyroscope and is intended for much safer and stable flights, generally preferred by beginners.

The airplane comes with a 2.4GHz transmitter in the box and boasts of an impressive 800 meter control range. The drone also features a 7.4V (2S) 2000mAh battery, which is capable of delivering a flight time of up to a massive 45 minutes. The battery can be charged from zero to hundred in about 2.5 hours. Interested parties buy the XK A1200 EPO RC Airplane for $127 from here.

XK A1200 Video

Here’s a video review of the XK A1200 we found on the web.