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XK K110 RC helicopter supports both 3D and 6G modes

XK K110

RC Helicopters have been around since decades — even before quadcopters were an actual thing. XK Innovations recently launched K110 RC helicopter is currently on sale for $108.36 shipped, which is a revision from the initial price of $210.

XK K110 RC helicopter

The XK K110 is a designed to suit both beginners and experts alike, as it has both 3D and 6G modes which can be toggled with just a key-press on the controller.

To those unaware of what these terms mean and who should use them, a quick recap: 6G mode suits best for beginners, it stabilises the RC helicopter to higher extents (by using a 6-axis gyro) preventing accidents and damages to the heli. The XK K110 uses a 6 axis gyroscope for the 6G mode. 3D mode is for the experts who are well-versed with flying RC helicopters. It acts like a manual override, giving the user full control over the aircraft and perform tricks like inverted flights, death spiral, hurricane flipping, etc.

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The XK K110 uses a single blade mechanism to provide the thrust. The 450mAh LiPo onboard the helicopter provides a flight time of up to 7 minutes and takes upto an hour to charge. The 2.4GHz battery (6xAA) operated remote controller has a passive LCD panel to display parameters like altitude and has a control range of upto 120 meters. The helicopter is even compatible with the Futaba S-FHSS controller.

Head over to the listing page right away, if the XK K110 has caught your fancy. Use the coupon code XKK110 and the price further goes down to $104.99 shipped.